The Ancient Olive Tree of


Kamilari Olive tree (Mana)
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The Monumental olive tree of Kamilari has been declared by the Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities as a natural monument due to its enormous size and its historical connection with the archeological sites of the area. The locals call this tree "Mana Elia" (Mother Olive), giving it great importance.

The tree trunk has an aesthetic relief and is surrounded by 12 large stones, which were moved there by the Kamilari Cultural Association, to form a symbolic fence for its marking and protection. 8 of these stones have been carved with various symbols, such as the double ax, the symbol of the Minoans.

It is located on the siteDio Lakki in the periphery of the village Kamilari in the province of Pyrgiotissa, quite close to the Kamilari Tholos Tomb (1000m) and the Minoan Palace of Phestos (1400m).

The tree belongs to the Nikolidakis family and is a species of thrombolia, locally called "hontrolia", grafted on a rootstock of a wild olive tree. The perimeter of the tree at the base is 9.50m and at 80cm high above the ground is 8.60m, while the diameter at the base reaches 3.25m. The age of the olive tree is estimated at 2800 years.

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