Fauna of Crete


The secluded island of Crete hosts several species of reptiles, such as turtles, snakes and lizards, with none of them being hazardous for human. The largest reptile is the endangered loggerhead turtle, which nests on the sandy beaches of the island. Apart from the turtles, Crete also hosts several lizards, with one species (namely the Cretan wall lizard) being endemic only to Crete.

Sea turtles
Crete is one of the most important places for the reproduction of the threatened loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), which is very famous throughout Greece. However, there are more sea turtle species found in the seas of Crete, which do not nest on the island. These are the

Terrestrial turtles
Crete has a few species of terrestrial turtles, mainly because the climate is warm and dry. However, in the limited wetlands of the island, it is sure that someone is going to meet many of them. The only native species is the Balcan terrapin, while there are also the introduced

In Crete, snakes appear to have played an important ritual role in the Minoan period. Indeed, one of the most famous archaeological findings listed in

Lizards and snakes are misunderstood animals as man has always feared them. This perception is obviously due to some species that have poison, but it is not at all reasonable. On the contrary, snakes and lizards are very important...

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