Ocellated Skink


Ocellated Skink
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The ocellated skink (scient. Chalcides ocellatus) (or the eyed skink or gongilo), is an impressive species of skink, which is native to to Italy, Greece and North Africa. In Crete holds the mistaken impression that they are deadly poisonous and people are afraid of them.

However, the skink is a completely safe and harmless lizard that just likes to sun all day. It has very small, almost atrophic legs, making it seem and move like a snake. Perhaps this strange appearance has caused the misconception that the skinks are dangerous.

Its overall length (with the tail) reaches 20cm and its body has many scales with shades of gray, black and brown. It lives in rocky areas or scrublands, where it hides under rocks, in crevices or hides under the soil. It is very shy and runs very fast when someone approaches. Females lay 2-20 lizards.

Photos: Ilias Strahinis, Benny Trapp

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