Turkish Gecko


Turkish Gecko
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The Turkish gecko (scient. Hemidactylus turcicus) or Mediteranean house gecko is one of the most common reptiles in Crete, which is closely related to the Moorish gecko. Indeed, many people tend to confuse the two species that have similar characteristics but do not belong in the same species.

The house gecko has darker colors (in day) than Moorish gecko and reaches a total length of 10cm. At night the color its body colors turn to semi-translucent. Like Moorish gecko, it feeds on small arthropods and usually lurks on insects attracted to lights.

Also, when both House and Moorish geckos feel threatened, they produce sounds, which is a rare phenomenon for lizards. Moreover, they cut their tail when in risk, which remains alive for several more minutes. Thus, the enemy is attracted by the tail, while the lizard escapes. It tail is reappears some days later!

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