Cretan wall lizard


Cretan wall lizard
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The wall lizard of Crete (scient. Podarcis cretensis) is the only endemic species of lizard on the island, which was identified as a seperate species (from Podarcis erhardii) a few years ago. This species is spread in western Crete, west of an imaginary line that bisects the island from north to south at the height of Rethymnon city, at altitudes ranging 0-2000m. It is also found in several surrounding islands of Crete.

The lizard reaches a length of 7cm and lives mainly in rocky areas with brushwood, where its finds shelter among the rocks. When there are no many rocks, it is hidden under brushes.

The lizard is active throughout the day. It feeds on a variety of small arthropods and other invertebrates (eg snails). Its main enemies are snakes, hawks, some small mammals and especially the man who is constantly destroying its habitats.

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