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Theriospilios Cave
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Theriospilios is a small cave in the position Chyloftes - Therio, northwest of Kavoussi in an altitude of 50m, on a steep slope above the sea. Visitors can reach the cave from Kavoussi after walking 40 minutes.

Theriospilios has a total length of 44m, 25m maximum width and height 0,5 - 7m. After the entrance of the cave, the visitor enters a low hall with dimensions 7m x 8m. The following room is spectacular, with 37m length, 25m width and 1.6-7m height, with sloping floor. It is richly decorated and gives the visitor an excellent impression. Small and large columns are scattered everywhere. Bands from stalagmites shape an excellent complex. A white high stalagmite is magnificent. Two stalagmites have been broken; the one is laid on the floor and the other one is inclined. This phenomenon is rare and has caused the interest of cavers. The far left of the hall is a blocked cesspool, from which water flowed when the cavern was a river bed.

Near the cave is the "Chrysokamino” with dimensions 40m x 13m. According to P. Faure, it is the remains of a mining kiln from the later medieval period. According to all evidence, this has been used by Gypsy copper-workers.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave
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