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Tafos Limeri


Tafos Limeri Cave in Kroustas
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South of Kroustas we meet the historic cave-pothole Tafos Limeri (Tomb) where the guerillas of EAM (National Liberation Front during World War II) found shelter during the German Occupation. As usual, the place was revealed by betrayal, the Germans arrested them and executed all of them at this place.

The external space of the cave is impressive and imposing. An opening in the earth with a depth of about 50 meters causes awe to the visitor. Descent to it is possible through the east side, along a quite steep trail that requires great attention because of slippery leaves and acorns that cover it. After reaching the entrance of the cave, the visitor realizes the greatness of nature by watching the huge high room. It consists of a single room with a floor full of rocks that have fallen from the roof.

The decoration of the cave is poor although there is high water dropping during the winter months. During our visit, we found a colony of about 60 small bats and therefore be very careful and quiet during your visit to the cave.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Sinkhole

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