Sea caves in Crete

Kako Oros


Boufos Cave at Kako Oros
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East of the valley of the Karteros River River is formed the stone massif of Kako Oros, which today is crossed by the Old and the New National Road. However, the passage of this bare and rugged rocky place to the fertile Vathianos Kambos area was not an easy task before the construction of modern highways, thus it was named Kako Oros, meaning Bad Mountain.

The scenery is similar in the coastal front, as the area between the long sandy beaches of Karteros and Vathianos Kambos  has high cliffs, caves and sharp rocks. Below the Old National Road is the large sea cave of Kako Oros, a special geological formation, the cave Boufos, relatively unknown to most locals. There is a big hole in the roof of the cave, creating an impressive stone arch and a natural skylight. A few meters west a smaller cave is formed.

The large cave can only be accessed from the sea. The nearest point to approach the cave is a few meters to the east, where the rocks come relatively smoothly into the water and there are no steep cliffs. Dozens of pigeons nest in the spacious area of ​​the cave. The length of the cave reaches 30 meters, while the height reaches 10 meters.

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  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture


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