The domed mitata of Psiloritis


Kakioros Mitato
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One of the most picturesque mitata in Crete is that of Kakioros at Livadiotiko Aori, high above the village of Livadia on Psiloritis Range. It is located next to the road leading from Livadia the plateau of Mygerou Lakkos at an altitude of around 1500 meters, one of the highest mitato in Crete.

The area of the mitato Kakioros is covered by snow almost half of the year, therefore it was a primitive summer residence for the local shepherds, when the flocks arrived at higher altitudes. This mitato, like all mitata of Psiloritis, has circular shape and is built of limestone stones, that ones meet around, merged together without mortar.

Around the mitato we meet several maples, which at this point are in the highest altitude zone that one can meet them. A little further up the maples give way to the gray bare rock of the mountain.

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