Bridges and aqueducts


Although Crete is not renowned for its large rivers, it still mpresses with some of the most beautiful stone bridges in Greece. The most famous is the arched bridge of Prevelis, while of very great archaeological importance are the ancient bridges of Eleftherna and the Elliniki Bridge of Apokoronas. Similarly, important projects are the Venetian aqueducts, which transfered water across rivers to the towns.

Morozini Aqueduct
The Venetian Candia, i.e. the current town of Heraklion, had no water sources and its residents used wells and cisterns for storing rainwater. The general commissioner of Crete, Francesco Mozozini, tried to give a...

Platys River bridge

A beautiful and unknown stone bridge with one arch is located in the middle of Platys River, once linked the provinces Amari and Agios Vasileios. Below it you can enjoy a refreshing bath, as there is a quite large pond.


Lahanas Bridge

The stone single arched bridge of Lahanas was built in the 19th century to serve those who wanted to cross the river Richtis. According to witnesses, here took place a tragic story. During the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey, the Christians killed the Turks who were trying to reach Sitia port so as to leave to Turkey.


Agia Roumeli Bridges

Near Agia Roumeli there are two arched stone bridges. Here we see a Venetian stone arched bridge that has been secluded in the stream, with both of its sides destroyed. We can still discern a auxiliary arch which has been filled by the debris of the river. There is another smaller bridge a few meters to the north.


Sambathiani Kamara Bridge

This is a small stone bridge that connects the two sides of a small canyon that locals call Sambathiano Chavgoudaki (small gorge of Sambas). Next to the bridge there is the church of Agios Mamas.


Simas bridge

The bridge of Simas in Prasses, Rethymnon is the highest stone built bridge in Crete and is a construction miracle for the time it was built. It is located on the south side of Vrysinas Mount.


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