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Krios Beach
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The beach Krios is located about 10km west of Paleochora and 90km south of Chania city, on the east side of Krios Cape. It is a lovely secluded beach about 1km long, which is divided into three consecutive bays with fine pebbles and coarse sand.

The first bay, the easternmost part of the beach, is not preferred for swimming because it is rockier than the other two bays, it is exposed to south winds and it is not well organized. The central bay is the busiest part of the beach (if someone can call this a busy place at all), where there is a parking area, a small canteen, and umbrellas. The third beach is located on the western edge of Krios (2 minute's walk) where there is a lovely small cove, well hidden by a large rock. This cove is preferred mostly by nudists because it is very well protected from prying eyes. Umbrellas are offered here, as well. If you don’t want to pay for an umbrella, there are small hollows in the surrounding rocks, under which you may find shade.

Krios can be accessed by car through Paleochora. Also, Krios is located next to the part of the E4 European footpath connecting Paleochora with Elafonisi.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture, West Crete, South Crete, Paleochora area (Selino)
  • Sea water color: Deep blue
  • Sand type: Pebbles
  • Depth: Normal
  • Sea surface: Usually calm
  • Crowds: Quiet
  • Facilities: Food / water nearby, Umbrellas / beds
  • Other Information: Nudism friendly
  • Accessibility: Paved road

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