Religious Monuments of Crete


Apart from the ascetic Centre of Asterousia Massif, the plane of Messara and the south outskirts of the Ida Range hosted numerous small monasteries, which are today deserted. Here we do not meet many cavernous hermitages, in contrast to Asterousia, but mainly organized small communities.

Church of Saint Kyriaki in Zaros

The two-aisled church of Saint Kiriaki (Agia Kyriaki) is one of the oldest in the settlement of Zaros, as one of the two aisles dates back to the 14th century and the second to the 17th century. The temple has undergone modern interventions and its interior does not bear frescoes.


Panagia Church at Panagia (Kenourgiou)

The almost deserted village of Panagia in the province of Kainourgiou was named after the three-aisled Byzantine church of Panagia, which is dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God (Koimisis). It is believed that the church originally, in the 15th century, was the center of a religious complex or monastery, which over time evolved into the settlement of Panagia.


Church of Panagia Aggelon in Fradio

The Church of Our Lady of Angels (Panagia Aggelon) is located in the rural area of Fradio, between the villages Roufas and Moroni. The church was the temple of the Catholic monastery of Our Lady of the Angels of theFranciscan monks that operated here in the 15th century.


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