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Shelter Katsiveli
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The small shelter named Christos Chouliopoulos is located at an altitude of 1980m, at the small plateau Katsiveli at the outskirts of Svourichti peak, in the heart of the White Mountains. It can be accessed by hiking 7 hours in the trail of Sfakiani Madara north from Anopolis, Sfakia district that crosses the mountain desert. Other ways to reach Katsiveli is throught the E4 trail from Kallergis shelter (6 hours) or the E4 trail from Tavri shelter. The nearest dirt road is 2:30 hours away at Ammoutsera in the road of Sfakiani Madara from Anopolis. From Katsiveli one can follow the trail to highest peak of the White Mountains, Pachnes (2453m - 2:30) and Svourichti peak (2356m - 2:30). 

The vision of the mountaineer Christos Chouliopoulos to build a shelter at Svourichti became true in 1994. The shelter was built with stone exterior and wood interior, without heating needed. In 2008 a part of the stone construction collapsed and during the reconstruction a helicopter was used to carry materials, as there was no other mean of transportation. There are no other facilities in the shelter except a cistern with water. It can accommodate 22 people and is available upon request from the Mountaineering Club of Chania (

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Walking
  • Altitude (m): 1980
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