Sitia lighthouse



Vamvakia lighthouse at Sitia
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The lighthouse of Sitia, also known as Exo Fanari, is located on the cape Vamvakia north of Sitia airport. It belongs to the network of lighthouses built by the French Lighthouse Company at the end of the 19th century throughout Crete and was put into operation in 1892.

The lighthouse that once served the port of the city of Sitia, was built of stone on sloping ground and with a plan in the shape of a cross. It had spacious rooms with fireplaces for the lighthouse keepers, basements and the lantern area. Today it is unfortunately preserved in a dilapidated condition, as much of the walls and roof have collapsed.

The position of the lighthouse is impressive; imposing cliffs that are washed by the sea and great view to the sea from all directions. The access to the point is easy with a dirt road.

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