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Selsebilia mansion of Mustafa Naili Pasha in Perivolia
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The idyllic suburb of Chania, called Perivolia, till the German Occupation hosted the luxurious villa of Mustafa Naili Pasha, known also as Giritlis (= Cretan), which was destroyed by the Germans in order to use its materials for building their own buildings.

The villa was very luxurious, with several beautifully furnished rooms, terraces, and with a wet underground prison for the indomitable Christians. A vast heavenly garden surrounded the villa, which had all kinds of fruit and ornamental trees. There was a fountain with gurgling water, reminiscent of the fountain Selsembilia of the Muslim Paradise, after which the villa was named.

This villa hosted Sultan Abdul Mezit in 1850, who visited Crete with the Viceroy of Egypt Abbas. In this took place the meeting between the envoys of the Sultan in 1858 and the Committee of Boutsounaria Heads (Greeks), where they agreed to replace the evil Veli Pasha by Sami Pasha.

Mustafa also owned some mansions in Heraklion. The most imposing of them was located next to the current church of St. Demetrius. Mezit Abdul also stayed there when he visited the Grand Castle of Heraklion.

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  • Prefecture: Chania

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