Military Shelters

St. Spiridon

German shelter of St. Spiridon
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Many places in Crete still host military refuges dating back from the second world war. The shelters are small or large, with deep complex corridors were all created by Cretans to protect ammunition and other materials of the Germans and protect areas by aerial bombardments and mounting guns. Shelters are found literally everywhere, which shows how important Crete was for the outcome of the war.

One of the very easily and really small shelters that are open to people is located in the city of Chania. It is located just behind the church of St. Spyridon and has two entrances like most. The shelter of Saint Spyridon is only a few meters deep. No light is needed as the gallery is quite short. The shelter was built at the site of a former cave, the entrance of which is blocked by boulders.

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  • Location: Chania Prefecture
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