Geological Formations

Gria's Pies

Votiros and Gria’s Pies
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Below the main road toAgia Varvara, at position Plakota Harakia, we meet some very special rock formations of sandstone, reminiscent of huge round pies. Indeed, the locals call them Grias Pites (old lady's pies) or Grias Tyria (cheeses). Next to it there is a very large vertical rock, Harakas or Votiros, on top of which usually waves a Greek flag. A very special feature of these rocks is a groove, running along the rock, reminding of a giant hamburger.

These rocks were once located higher, near the hill of Patella at Prinias, and were cut off from its slopes and over time they were dragged into the ravine formed by the river. Under the influence of water and air, they acquired the round shapes we see today. 

Indeed, the local imagination has created a beautiful story about the creation of these strange rocks: Once an old woman was herding her sheep here and on top of the large rock she was preparing the cheese. One year, on February, the old lady was fed up because the weather during February was extremely bad. Thus, on February 28 she shouted “February, you leave and things will be better now". But February then got angry and asked for one extra day, 29th. Indeed during that day the weather was so bad, that the old lady found shelter below the rock, where she died. The sheep were left free, while the cheeses transformed to rocks, scattered around.

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