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Komolithi at Potamida
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Komolithi is one of the most bizarre and interesting landscapes in Crete. They are met at the village Potamida in Kissamos province, at the valley of river Tyflos, about 35km west of Chania. These are alternating small hills consisting of soft clay, which due to time erosion, have turned them to wonderful conical shapes. The landscape is reminiscent of Cappadocia and a similar place is only found at the area of Asprougas in Koufonisi islet, Sitia province.

They are located very close to the village houses, at a very fertile area next to Tyflos River. Large and small meteors are shaped with completely bare sides and vegetation atop them. Ascending on Komolithi hills and walking among them is very easy.

Information: Christopher Cheiladakis

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