The Ancient Olive Tree of


Monumental Olive Tree of Kamara at Deliana
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The picturesque village Deliana, province Kissamos, is well known for the impressive church of Saint John in the center of the village, which is one of the most important Byzantine monuments in Crete. Beyond this, in the wider area the visitor can discover some more unknown and well hidden beauties. The area is full of monuments of nature and art.

At the neighborhood called Kamara we meet the old church of Saint George. It is a typical simple temple of western Crete with a simple wooden iconostasis. Next to the church there is a perennial olive tree, a real monument of nature, that even nowadays flourishes and resists abandonment. This olive tree has not been listed yet officially in the monumental olive trees of Crete and is not famous as the adjacent Monumental Olive tree in Vouves.

The olive tree of Saint George at Kamara is aged over 2000 years and is not the only case of monumental trees in the area. Not too far from Saint George, we meet a whole cluster with monumental olive trees, which also have not been declared as monumental.

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