Towns in Crete


Kritsa is a small town of Eastern Crete, built at an altitude of 350m below the Kastellos Hill, very close to Agios Nikolaos city. What makes Kritsa special is the preservation of the traditional Cretan lifestyle that attracts dozens of visitors. The scenic narrow streets, the blooming yards, the textile shops, the traditional coffee shops, the folklore collections and the Byzantine temples can easily give the settlement the characterization of an open folklore and historical museum about Crete.

The settlement appears to be connected with the nearby ancient Lato, the inhabitants of which, moved once to Kritsa. In Kritsa, besides walking in the small narrow streets, it is worth hiking in Kritsa Gorge, visiting the folklore museums and admiring the frescoes of its Byzantine monuments, with the most important being Panagia Kera. It is important to note that some scenes of the film "Christ Recrucified" with Julie Dassin and Melina Merkouri were filmed in Kritsa.

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