Historical Monuments of Heraklion


During the Venetian Era, within the Walls of Candia there were several wells, but the lack of running drinking water was one of the major problems of the city. The Venetian General Provisioner Francesco Morosini managed to give a definitive end to this problem by building a huge water supply system which brought water from the springs of Archanes and Skalani to the heart of the city, in today's Lions Square.

After the conquest of Crete by the Ottomans, they built many fountains to cool off inhabitants. Many of them were charitable fountains (sebil), but most were destroyed after the Ottomans left Crete.

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Ibrahim Baba Fountain

The Fountain of Ibrahim Babas is located, in a terrible situation, in current Almyrou street, just north of the Park Theotokopoulos. Unfortunately, strangers have stolen parts of elaborate relief plates that adorned the fountain. The fountain is fitted on the exterior wall of the house of Ibrahim Baba that has now collapsed.


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