Waterfalls at Fodele



Podares Waterfall at Fodele
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In the area of Podares between Fodele and Marathos and within walking distance of the monastery of Agios Panteleimonas, a stream merges with the main river of Santorinios. Along the way, this stream, like many others in the area, forms some waterfalls in winter. The most easily accessible fall is located on the dirt road leading to Santorinios and forms a small 4m natural slide with a small pond at its base.

However, the most striking fall is the last one before joining the Santorinios stream. With a height of more than 10 meters and a small pond covered by impressive vegetation, it is one of the most beautiful in the area of Heraklion.


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Additional Info

  • Water: Water till spring
  • Maximum Rapel Height (m): 20


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