The guard of Lassithi Plateau


Ambelos Windmills at Selli
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At position Seli Ambelou, at the northern entrance to the Lasithi Plateau, we are welcomed by the most important old windmill park of Crete. Here you still see 24 of the 27 initial windmills, which all belonged to the type Axetrocharis. The type of Axetrocharis has a rectangular base with a semicircular wall, on which the mill is installed. The mill faces always the same direction, which here was northwest.

The windmill park was transferred at Seli at the end of the 19th century from its previous position at Zaroma, close to Potami and then it was the largest windmill park in Greece. The complex of mills was declared in 1986 as a work of exceptional art and today most are private owned. Several mills have been restored lately.

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