The civilization of storing


In areas of Crete, where the lack of springs makes water difficult to find, the people built cisterns to store rainwater or wells to find underground water. Many of these are worth mentioning as they are architectural ornaments. Similarly, in many areas we meet elaborate fountains, which quenched passer's thirst or were used for washing clothes etc.

Lygenia Wells

On a plateau of Apokoronas province, by the village Paleloni, you will find the area Lygenia Wells. Is a series of stone, round and quite deep wells that the villagers constructed in the past in order to increase water source. In winter the wells overflow and shape a small lake in the area.


Korita Spring at Pemonia

Half a mile north of the very picturesque village Pemonia we meet the area Korita. Therein lies one of the many springs of water that irrigate the land of Apokoronas. The area around is full of ancient platan, cypress, olive and walnut trees. At the point of the spring there is a very picturesque old stone fountain built with the soft limestone of the region and two carved stone troughs.


Kissos Fountain

What characterizes the village Kissos in the province of Agios Vasilios in Rethymnon, like all the villages located in the root of Kentros mount, are the many water springs. In the central square of the deserted village we meet the beautiful square with the old plane tree. Geroplatanos (Old plane tree) are actually two plane trees close to one another, and one specifically is one of the biggest in Crete and has a really impressive trunk.


Gavaliana Wells

A place of foremost interest by Gavalochori is the complex of 24 Venetian Wells. It is located about 1 km outside the village, just before the village cemetery. These wells played an important role in the society Gavalochori, both during the Venetian period and later.


Mothiana fountain

The fountain of Mothiana is among the most beautiful of the entire Crete and is located at the point a small spring gushes and the water is the basic source of water supply of the settlement. The beautiful stone fountain is built with local stone and bears and engraved date of 1882. The front part has some decorative elements and it also has a second water outlet on the left side.


Amariano Fountain

The small village of Amariano in the province Pediada is known for its picturesque alleys, the square with the old plane tree and the traditional coffee shops. In the square there is the old fountain of 1898 and a cistern, where the visitor can drink the water of the spring that comes from the mountain area of Afentis Christos in Dikti Range.


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