Deserted villages of Crete


Settlement Kalathiana
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The innerland of Crete is full of deserted villages. One of the most impressive deserted villages of Crete, which was quite large, was Kalathiana, located between the villages of Makres and Moroni. Kalathiana was a victim of the general urbanization the prevailed in Crete after the end of the Second World War and was totally deserted in 1970s. The houses of the settlement form a very beautiful and unique residential complex with the characteristic traditional architecture of Crete.

They survive in relatively good condition and everything is built from the same material: from the soft limestone of the area. The village itself is located not far from the cave of Labyrinth, the quarry for extracting stones for building Gortyn. Kalathiana was built in one of the most fertile areas of Crete. The houses were almost attached to each other. The nearest church is the historic Panagia at Kyrmousi.

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