Religious Monuments of Crete


The province Apokoronas is dispersed with several painted temples, imposing churches and abandoned countryside monasteries. The most popular monastery, restored lately, is dedicated to Saint George and is located at Karydi.

Panagia church of Two Rocks

Outside the village of Fres, inside a ravine at the really beautiful position Koukou we meet the temple Virgin Mary (Panagia) of Two Rocks. Once a rock detached from the mountain and rolled down the slope. Atop of the rock, the church of Panagia was built. Adjacent there is another rock, both forming an impressive scenery.


Church of Panagia Perivolitsiani at Nippos

The church of Panagia Perivolitissa or Perivolitsiani is a single-aisled temple of 1570 built on a hill north of the village Nippos. The temple is dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary and bears frescoes in poor condition. It is believed that the place operated as a monastery, Episcopal Seat, after the desctruction of Aptera town by an earthquake, and as a school of hagiography. In the church there are graves of monks and priests.


Saint George Galatas at Asi Gonia

St George Galatas (Milky) at village Asi Gonia is a small single-aisled church. This temple houses one of the famous centuries-old traditions of Crete during the feast of St. on April 23.


Church of Saint George at Kournas

The church of Saint George at Kournas is one of the most important surviving Byzantine Monuments of Crete. It is built in a prominent position with panoramic views of the sea and probably operated as a monastery, and there are some traces of monk cells.


Church of Saint George at Habatha

At one of the most isolated and unknown villages of Apokoronas province, called Hambatha we meet the cemeterial church of St. George Methystis (i.e. St George that makes people drunk). Hambatha is a very small village built high on a hillside with a panoramic view, surrounded by woods of ancient cypress trees and very dense vegetation.


Church of All Saints at Fres

At Agii Pantes village, by Fres village, there is the Byzantine church of All Saints (Agii Pantes). The church looks like a three nave basilica with smaller central nave, but is actually a cruciform temple with a large dome.


Almirida Early Christian Basilica

Very close to the main beach of Almirida, Apokoronas, province, we meet the aisled basilica of the second half of the 6th century with a mosaic floor, the foundations of the altar and some pillar capitals. It belongs to the basilica with a transept and a narthex.


The Dragon of Kalamitsi

The village Kalamitsi of Apokoronas province consists of two separate settlements, Kalamitsi Alexandrou and Kalamitsi Amigdali. The settlements host two churches dedicted to St. Anthony. One of these, near Kalamitsi Alexandrou, hides a small not well known treasure. Saint Anthony, like most churches and chapels in Crete dedicated to St Anthony, is cavernous and has been built in a rock shelter on the edge of a slope.


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