The Religious monuments of Crete

Agios Vasilios

At the province of Agios Vasilios in Rethymnon prefecture we meet mostly small inactive monasteries that today retain only their temples.

Preveli Monastery

The monastery of Preveli (or Prevelis) includes two separate monasteries which are located 1.7km from each other, the Kato (Lower) Monastery of Prodromos and the Piso (Back) Monastery of Theologos.

Saint Raphael monastery at Spili

On the hill of the Episcopacy (seat of Diocese) of Lambi, Sivritos and Sfakia, in early 1990s, started operating the monastery of Saints Raphael. The main temple is dedicated to the martyrs Saint Raphael, Nikolaos and Irini. The monastery also hosts the chapels of Saint Irinaeus, Saint John the Baptist, Saint John the Hermit and Archangel Michael.


Saint Anthony Monastery at Katevati

The Holy Monastery of St. Anthony is located at position Katevati, 6 km from the village Akoumia, at an altitude of 525m. To reach the monastery you must travel 15 minutes by car on a dirt road from Akoumia.


Agio Pnevma Monastery at Kissos

The Monastery of the Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit) was probably founded in the 12th century and certainly at the end of Venetian rule it was already autonomous and in welfare. On June 15, 1821, the local Turks massacred the monks and burned the monastery.


Saint George monastery at Finokalis

The church of St. George at Finokalis was the temple of a nunnery founded in the 14th century, which seized its operation in the 1980s. Impressive is the slope of the walls of the temple, which would have collapsed by a landslide if not supported. The church bears valuable frescoes of the 14th century.


Saint John Voulgaris Monastery at Melambes

The monastery of Saint John at location Voulgaris today is uninhabited and only the church of St. John the Baptist (celebrating on June 24) and a few traces of cells survive. The monastery operated probably from the 15th century and soon gained a huge fortune (thousands of olive trees).


Saint Onoufrios monastery at Akoumia

The now deserted monastery of St. Onoufrios is built on a steep ravine with vertical cliffs, next to a spring with cool water. Around the cavernous church we see the derelict cells of the monks. The church celebrates on 12 June.


Panagia Church at Lambini

The church of Panagia Lambini is a tetrastyle cruciform church (11th-12th century) with a dome and a very impressive bell tower. The imposing church functioned as a Diocese of Lambi, while in 1950 the locals identified on a frescoe of the Virgin Mary the surname Lambini (shining).


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