Religious Monuments of Crete


The province Monofatsi is one of the most important religious centers of Crete, as it hosted many flourishing monasteries and hermitages. Apart from the isolated religious centre of Asterousia Mountains, which we study separately, small monasteries were also scattered throughout the province.

Panagia church at Alagni

The Byzantine church of Panagia at Alagni has a particular cruciform architecture with a dome, while an arcosolium (Venetian tomb) is attached to its exterior wall.


Church of Panagia at Rouma

Near the villages Alagni and Patsideros of Heraklion, on a low hill, lies the deserted village of Rouma. We do not know when it was founded, but it is referred in the census of 1630. Rouma in the Cretan dialect means stream and is taken after the stream next to the village, where a spring with fresh water flows all year round.


Church of Archangel Michael at Arkalohori

The funerary temple of Archangel Michael at Arkalohori is a cruciform temple with the main aisle being lower than its vertical aisle. Also there is a narthex with a dome. The church bears frescoes of the 13th century (the frescoes in the narthex date back from the 14th century).


Church of Zoodohos Pigi at Arhontiko

The church of Panagia (Life Giving Fountain is located at position Prinias, near village Arhontiko at province Monofatsi. The church, very old and small, bears traces of frescoes dating back to the 14th century, while you can still see the embedded vessels used to improve acoustics (sound).


Panagia church at Archontiko

The cemeterial temple of the village Arhontiko at province Monofatsi is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary. While the exterior does not look interesting, the interior impresses the visitor with the Byzantine frescoes in relatively good condition.

According to an inscription, the frescoes date back from 1352 and were painted by Theodosios Galinos.


Holy Apostles monastery at Kastelliana

The Monastery of the Holy Apostles is located at the position of the current winery Strataridakis. The monastery, now deserted served as the dependency of Sina Monastery. During the German Occupation it participated to the resistance activities against the Germans by supporting the rebel group of Manolis Bandouvas.


Zoodochos Pigi Church at Damania

The church of Zoodohos Pigi (Life Giving Spring) is located a few meters south of Lake Damania and next to the local cemetery. The church bears frescoes of 1399 and in its current form comes after restoration works that started in 1979, as it was ruined until then.


Saints George and Constantine Church at Pirgos

The village Pirgos at province Monofatsi hosts a two aisled church dedicated to St. Constantine and Helen, and St. George. The aisle of Saint George bears exquisite frescoes dating back from the 13th century, depicting mainly the life of Saint George. The aisle of Saint Constantine and Helen depicts scenes from the life of Saint Constantine.


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