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Damothi Plateau
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Damothi is located at Zoniano Aori, at the north side of Psiloritis Range, and is one of the highest plateaus in Crete. It is located at an altitude of 1680 meters between the two peaks of Kourouna (1850 meters) and the main peaks of Psiloritis (Agathias and Holy Cross - 2456 meters).

The name Damothi like almost all the names of Psiloritis has Minoan origin and has remained unchanged over the centuries. Just below the roof of Crete and at a shady spot, Damothi plateau is covered most of the year with snow which lasts until May. As a typical karst sinkhole it is has 2-3 different holes on the ground that move the waters from snowmelt in underground rivers and to the springs at lower altitudes. When the snow melts between the typical spiny shrubs, which are the only plants that grow on such a high altitude, the area is covered with the beautiful crocuses of spring and the flower chionodoxa that always blooms after the melting.

On the plateau there is still a stone dairy house (mitato) and one can walk here from Zoniana to Zoniano Aori or alternatively can drive to the plateau of Nida and follow the path that leads to the location Vathy Lakki with the gorgeous mitata and then to the former ski resort, where he has to start walking.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Dirt track
  • Altitude (m): 1680

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