The Talean Mountains


The Talean Mountains are located in northern Crete and are essentially an extension of Psiloritis Range to the north. They are separated from main range of Psiloritis from the fertile valley of Mylopotamos to the south. The highest peaks are Koutsotroulis  (1084m) and Kouloukonas (1076m). The rocks consist primarily of platy limestone and vegetation is low and hard to walk. Despite the relatively low altitude of the mountains, the rocky slopes are extremely steep and climbing in any of the peaks is very hard. Therefore, there are also very few roads crossing this small mountain range.

The Talean Mountains take their name after the mythical bronze giant -guard of Crete- Talos, who wandered Crete three times a day and guarded it. Tradition says that Talos lived atop summit Kouloukonas.

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Sofiani Peak

Sofiani Peak is the third highest peak of range Kouloukonas reaching an altitude of 892m, after Koutsotroulis (1084m) and Kouloukonas (1076m). It rises to the west of the village of Aloides and during climbing the beautiful shapes that the rocks take are very impressive.


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