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Towers of Akrotiri Cape
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In the area of Akrotiri Cape, near Chania, the Ottomans had built two towers towards protecting and controlling the wider area. The first was built in Kounoupidiana area (near the Graves of Venizelos), while the second was built in Sternes position (overlooking Souda Bay). Apart from them, there were several other fortified chateaus, like the tower of Giannakakis at Mouzouras.

On May 1822, after the victory of the Greeks in Daratsos, the rebels besieged these towers. In Kounoupidiana, there were 60 Turks in the tower. The rebels attacked against them twice and forced them away. After burning the tower, they walked to Sternes, where 80 Turks were hiding. While the Greeks were preparing the last operations so as to occupy the tower, on May 28, the Egyptian ships of Mohammed Ali appeared in Souda Bay, arriving for helping the Turks.

The happy besieged Turks left the tower and ran to Souda, while the rebels stayed frozen and speechless due to the imposing size of the Egyptian flee.

Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture

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