Second World War


Crete is dotted with many military remnants of the German Occupation, as aft, military facilities, shelters and various memorials that testify how much the Cretan people suffered by the Germans. Dozens of these monuments are around us and we are rarely aware of their existence or their history.

Military Shelters
Many places in Crete still host military refuges dating back from the Second World War. The shelters are small or large, with deep complex corridors were all created by Cretans to protect ammunition and other materials of the Germans and protect areas by aerial bombardments and mounting guns. Shelters are found literally everywhere, which shows how important Crete was for the outcome of the war.

In many places in Crete we meet pillboxes of the Second World War, built to guard the island mainly by the Italians and the Germans. They were built in the most strategic places to protect from air attacks. In most places, we see large bases of the big canons that were installed there.

German War cemetery at Maleme

The 4465 Germans, mainly paratroopers, who were killed during the Battle of Crete, were buried in the German Military Cemetery of Maleme (Deutschen Soldatenfriedhof in Maleme). It is the second German military airport in Greece, as there is another one near Athens.


Souda Bay War Cemetery

At Vlites position, by Souda port, in a beautifully landscaped scenery, there is the Souda Bay War Cemetery, where ceremonies take place every year in memory of the victims of the Second World War. Throughout the year, many visitors, mainly Australians and New Zealanders, visit this place.



The martyr village Kakopetros at Kissamos province is one of the most beautiful and green villages of the prefecture of Chania. Like all the villages of the area it consists of many distinct neighborhoods (Tsichliana, Seli, Micheliana, Berethiana, Metohi, Sholio, Papadiana, Chatziana, Ganiana, Kotsyfiana and Pontikou Platanos. The neighborhoods of the village are crossed by the rugged canyon Kakopetros.


Argo II Mission

On the road that connects Maridaki to the monastery of Agios Nikitas, in Asterousia Range, locals have erected a really interesting monument. This is there to remind of an event that took place at that point during the Second World War, showing the bravery of local fighters against a powerful enemy. The location selected for the monument was above a cliff above the monastery of Agios Nikitas, overlooking the deep blue Libyan sea and having the steep slopes of Asterousia with the palm grove of Agios Nikitas in the back.


Memorial for Kidnap of General Kreipe

This weird memorial column commemorates the kidnap of General Kreipe, maybe the most important military operation in Crete in 1944. The kidnappers stopped the car of the General at this point and started their timely course till reaching the south coasts of Crete and deliver the General in Egypt.


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