Traditional Products


Buy the wonders of the Cretan diet that attracted scientists around the world, with the results of research showing a surprisingly positive impact on Cretan health, low rates of disease and lower mortality than other areas of the planet.

Wine is an indispensable part of Cretan food culture and hospitality. Wine making traditions have been kept alive on the island for 4,000 years. Cretans have taken loving care of their vines to make wine or raisins. These two products became quite famous and provided significant leverage for the overall trade of the island, with important exports since the time of the Venetian conquest. Every household in Crete produces its own wine and tsikoudia, in adequate quantities to cover the needs of...

Cretan Brewery_ Charma Beer

Zounaki, Platanias

Cretan Brewery is the one and only open to the visitors microbrewery in Chania. It is located in the heart of the Cretan countryside, surrounded by olive groves and orange trees.



Kouses, Heraklion

The magic of herbs in a beautiful space, full of colors and flavors in south Crete, in a small traditional village, Kouses! In our small shop, you will find a rich collection of aromatic and medicinal herbs and spices from Greece but also from around the world varieties!


ByRaki flavor

Inspired by the traditional liqueur ... We created ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ - ByRaki flavor. ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ - ByRaki flavor is Raki (Cretan raki) which is enriched with more than 20 flavors. Creating our own recipe and in the way of enrichment we made liqueurs.


Douloufakis Winery

Dafnes, Heraklion

An excellent contact with the natural environment of Crete, in the village of Dafnes, just 15 minutes from the city of Heraklion. By participating in the organized excursions of Douloufakis Winery, you have the chance to admire the panoramic view of the endless vineyards and olive trees that characterize the area.


Kamihis Farm


In the farm of Kamihis, you and your friends or you along with your children will have the option to become farmers- breeders for a day, in the Cretan way! You can discover the properties of the herbs and of the wild edible greens of the Cretan land..



Papa Alexandrou 2, Heraklion

ZALO means "step", in the local dialect of Crete. This is exactly what the ZALO boutique is about: a step forward in the world of souvenirs.


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