Religious Monuments of Crete


The province of Ierapetra has hosted a large number of monasteries that do not operate today, mainly in the mountainous regions of Dikti near the borders with the province of Viannos and in the mountain range of Thripti.

Christ Savior church at Pano Karkasa

The church of Christ the Savior is located at Pano Karkassa, at the outskirts of the village of Anatoli in province Ierapetra and is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ. The temple was part of the ruined monastery Karkassia, the cells of which were later rebuilt into the residences we see today.


Holy Apostles church at Kato Karkassa

The church of the Holy Apostles, Saints Peter and Paul, is located at Kato Karkasa on the outskirts of the village Anatoli, province Ierapetra. The temple near the fountain was the cathedral of today's ruined Monastery of Karkassia, from which few traces of buildings to the south of the temple are preserved.


Church of Saint George at Meseleri

The church of Saint George (Agios Georgios) is located near the center of the village Messelleri in the province of Ierapetra. Its fresco decoration dates back from about 1300AD and is partially preserved.


Church of Saint Mammes in Kapistri (Stavros)

The small single-nave church of Saint Mammes (Agios Mamas) is located north of the village Kapistri, currently named Stavros, in Ierapetra province, very close to the monastery of Panagia in Gourni and the church of Agia Sophia.


Church of Panagia Keragrammeni

The church of Panagia (Our Lady) Keragrameni is located north of the village Stavros or Kapistri in the province of Ierapetra. The one-storey church is dedicated to the Birth of the Theotokos and is built near a spring that gives life to vineyards and orchards.


Panagia monastery at Gourni

The church of Panagia in the area Gourni is located north of Kapistri (Stavros) village, on the road to Panagia Keragrameni. According to tradition, the name Gourni (trough) was taken after a small trough that the monks had placed on the adjacent river to collect water.


Kato Agios Georgios church at Kapistri (Stavros)

The village of Stavros Ierapetra, formerly known as Kapistri, preserves quite a number of temples, indicating its flourishing course in the past. One of the most impressive temples is located a few meters south of the settlement and is called Kato (Lower) Saint George.


Church of Saint Irene at Avgos

The church of Agia Irini in the settlement Melisses in the valley of Avgos is dated to the 14th century and bears frescoes of 1410-1411. The temple is believed to have been a cathedral of a small female convent (nunnery)


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