The Religious monuments of Crete


The province of Rethymnon still hosts a large number of monasteries and inactive convents that mostly flourished during the Venetian Era, i.e. before the Fall of Rethymnon in 1646 by the Ottomans. The area around the current city was a very important religious center.

Church of Panagia at Kyrianna

The Church of the Panagia (Virgin Mary) is located at the center of the village Kyrianna and is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The original church (11th century) was a cruciform temple with a dome and looked like the chapel of Saint Paul at Sfakia.


Church of Saint Anthony at Fotinos

One of the most beautiful caves dedicated Saint Anthony is located in the village Fotinos in the center of Rethymnon prefecture. This historic village is well hidden in dense oak forest and is named after a general of Nikiforos Fokas, Fotinos.


Saint Onuphrius church at Alones

At the root of the steep and imposing range of Kryoneritis in south Rethymno lies the picturesque green village Alones. Its name is taken after its shape, which resembles a huge threshing (Aloni is threshing in Greek). In the village square under a perennial plane tree there is the beautiful humble chapel of St. Onoufrios.


Onythes Early Christian basilica

At position Onythe we meet the ruins of an ancient settlement that has been identified as the ancient town Fallanes or Osmida. At this location there are traces of an early Christian basilica, which was excavated by N. Platon in 1947 and has dimensions 31mx15m.


Cave of Agia Dynami at Argyroupolis

The cavernous temple of Agia Dynami (Holy Force) is located in Argiroupolis. Within this small chapel there is a huge spring of Holy Force that supplies almost entire Rethymno province with water. Inside the temple there was an impressive mosaic of Christ, which has been now replaced with a simple icon as the initial has been moved to the museum of Rethymnon.


Church of Saint Demetrius in Pigi

The church of Agios Dimitrios is located in the village of Agios Dimitrios, very close to Pigi, Rethymnon. It is a cross-shaped temple with dome and projecting parts to the sides. The exterior walls are framed by blind arches and a few small windows, while the dome is supported by 4 corinthian columns.


Church of Saint George in Artos

Northwest of the village Agios Konstantinos in Rethymnon province is the ruined village of Artos, which was destroyed by the Ottomans because of its revolutionary action. Access to the site is possible via a dirt road starting either from Saint Constantine or Zouridi. Today, three churches are preserved, of which Saint George stands out.


Church of Panagia Barotsiani in Argyroupoli

In the Barotsiana district of village Argyroupolis there is the church of Our Lady (Panagia) Barotsiani, a single-storey 13th-century church, to which a chapel of Saint Anthony was added later. The name comes from the Venetian family Barozzi, who owned the area of Argiroupolis.


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