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Thripti Range is the fifth highest mountain range of Crete, also called Aori. The highest peak of Thripti mountains is called Stavromenos (1476m). The mountains of Thripti are covered by a beautiful pine forest, which has unfortunately shrunk due to human presence and fires.

Moreover, near the Plateau of Thripti start the imposing wild gorge Ha and gorge Mesonas. On the southern slopes of these mountains there are some of the most scenic villages in Crete, such as the lush Orino village, and the seaside resort of Makrygialos. There are also the amazing green gorges of Pefki, Mylonas and Orino.

Because of the rugged morphology and the ideal climatic conditions, the area of Thripti hosts several endemic species of flora such as arhontoxylo, aladania, anemone and the Cretan cyclamen. Lastly, the walls of the canyons, especially the unreachable Ha Gorge, shelter threatened species of birds of prey like the endangered bearded vulture (gypaetus barbatus) and the golden eagle.


What to see on the Thripti Range:

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Orno Range

Mount Orno is located in the province of Sitia and its highest peak is Spathi at 1238m. It includes the area of Kapsas to the west and the mountains of ancient Praesus to the east, while in the south it is separated from the range of Thrypti from the Bebonas valley.


Church of Saint Anna at Thripti

The Byzantine church of Saint Anne (Agia Anna) is located a few meters west of the settlement of Thripti and just above the beginning of the stream that forms the imposing canyon Ha.


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