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This range lies between Heraklion and Lassithi. Its highest summit is Spathi (2.148 m) and there are two more peaks at an altitude of more than 2000m.

Lassithi Plateau, the largest in Crete, lies at the heart of the range at an altitude of 850 m. It is surrounded by a series of smaller plateaus such as Katharo, Limnakaro, Mari, Lapathos, Omalos, Erganos and Nisimos. There is a mountain shelter at Limnakaro from where hikers ascend to Spathi.

Several gorges are found in the range of Lassithi. Apart from the two gorges named Havgas at Katharo and Kalamafka, there are more canyons such as Sarakina, Adrianos, Ambelos, Roza and Kritsa.

The Dikti range has shown a significant diversity in flora and fauna. The lower mountain sides are covered by olive, carob and pine trees. To the south-east, Selakano is the largest pine wood of Crete and close to the village Krasi lies the holm oak wood of Azilakodasos.

The fertile plateaus and valleys of the Dikti range produce a large variety of agricultural products: potatoes, vegetable, pears, apples, walnuts, cherries, etc. Livestock breeding (sheep and goats) is yet another traditional activity in this region. The famous Diktaean Cave where Zeus is said to have been born is open to the public.


What to see on the Diktaean Range:

Roza Gorge

The gorge of Roza is an offshoot of the gorge of Ambelos. It starts from a point near the rural road that crosses the gorge of Ambelos and has east-southeast direction, leading to Kera.


Kato Symi Wood

One of the nicest villages in Crete is the forested village of Kato Simi by Viannos in Heraklion Prefecture. Together with the ruined village of Pano Simi, they lie in the heart of the largest pine forest of Crete, with the neighboring Selakano and Malles woods included. The whole area is full of water springs gathering water from the slopes of Dikti Range, that waters plane trees, walnut, cherry and many other species of trees. In autumn they give the area colorful scenery mostly reminiscent of parts of northern Greece.


Katharo Plateau

The plateau Katharo lies 26km south of Agios Nikolaos and 16km west of Kritsa, at an altitude of 1150 meters. The waters of the Plateau are transported through the beautiful gorge of Havgas into Lassithi Plateau. Katharo is uninhabited, although there are several farmhouses belonging to the village of Kritsa.


Havgas Gorge (Kalamafka)

The Gorge of Havgas is located very close to the village Kalamafka, just 12km north of the city of Ierapetra. Note that there are several other gorges with the same name around Crete, such as the Havgas Gorge in Lassithi Plateau.


Omalos Plateau at Viannos

Omalos Plateau of Viannos is located at the southern foot of Mount Dicti, next to Kato Simi and Viannos, 60km southeast of the city of Heraklion. It can be accessed more easily from Kato Simi, but there are also alternative routes that are worth driving in dirt track (such as the road starting from the Lassithi Plateau and another track coming from the smaller plateau of Lapathos).


Limnakaro Plateau

The Limnakaro Plateau lies on the northern slopes of Mt Dicte, near the Lassithi Plateau, at an altitude of 1,120 metres above sea level. It is enclosed by the peaks of Lazaros (2,048 m) to the east-southeast, Strovili (1,533 m) to the west and Megali Korfi (1309 m) to the north.


Nissimos Plateau

The Small Plateau of Nissimos is located 55km southeast of Heraklion, on the northern side of the Lassithi Plateau, at an altitude of 890m. Access is quite easy as there is a passable uphill road, 2.5km long, starting from the village Tzermiado.


Shelter Strovili (Limnakaro)

The shelter is located at position Strovili at an altitude of 1533m over Limnakaro Plateau at Dikti Range. It can be accessed either by walking 2:30 hours from Avrakontes village or by driving the dirt road from there. From here one can hike to the peaks Spathi (2148m) and Afendis Christos (2141m). The shelter can accommodate 12 people. . It is available upon request to its operator, i.e. the Mountaineering Club of Lasithi (www.fysi.gr).


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