Avifauna of Crete


Common Buzzard
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The common buzzard (scient. Buteo buteo) is a raptor species of a quite large size, with a body length of 50-55cm and a wingspan of 118-140cm. It is the most commonly met raptor in Greece and a large population lives in the island of Crete.

Its colorations vary greatly from one bird to another. Its color is usually brown, chestnut with white at the belly or with spots. There are birds of a lighter color too.

It spends many hours sitting on branches or pillars or wires looking for its prey. Almost every route in the mountainous areas of Crete, anyone can see 2-3 hawks sitting on electricity pillars, trees or wires, waiting patiently for their prey. In winter they sit on trees and they fly in circles searching.

It feeds on hares, rodents, reptiles and ground birds. The female lays 2-3 eggs at the beginning of April.

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