Caves of Chania


Haviare cave
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At the northwest tip of Akrotiri Cape, Chania, we meet the well marked path that crosses the small ravine of Mavre Poros. This seemingly barren and inhospitable landscape was a haven for hermits and is full of hidden treasures, such as wildflowers, caves, ancient lime-kilns and wells, rock shelters and cavernous churches. One of the most well kept secrets of the area is the cave of Haviare, one of the most beautiful of Akrotiri that has a very rich cave decoration. However, the beauty is not limited inside the cave but continues in the surrounding area. A few meters away from the beautiful and imposing entrance of the cave, we see several crystals.

They are superficial and not hidden deep in the ground. The rock of the area is typical crystalline limestone, quite common in the mountainous areas of western Crete. But what makes the area of Haviare stand out is that the crystals are not a small parenthesis in the dark limestone, but dominate the landscape. Visitors should not pick the crystal pieces because this seemingly innocent habit was the reason for the total destruction of such areas with easier access in other areas of Crete.

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