The watermills near Karouzana


Bitzariano watermills
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Bitzariano is a small almost deserted scenic settlement close to Kastelli, Pediada district, and a suburb of Karouzana village. Its name is taken after the surname Bitzarakis. Near the village flows the river that gathers water from the north Kasteli plain. The value of water was very high, as the locals built many watermills in order to grind the grain of the area.

The remains of the mills still stand there abandoned. The mill of Koutsantonis is surrounded by a pig stall, while a bit northern we meet the second big watermill, amid the settlement at position Louria, being one of the largest watermills in Crete. There are many more mills nearby.

While walking in the alleys of Bitzariano, someone will think that time has stopped. It is one of the most picturesque settlements of Crete, with smiling people, and could be awarded as the village with most flowers in Crete, as you will meet hundreds of pots along the streets. You will meet old stone houses with arches and nice doors. There are many gardens around with scarecrows and places to store wood for the upcoming winter. You’ll also meet a very old olive press that should be restored by the authorities. Lastly, at the highest point we meet the small temple of Panagia.

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