The ghosts of Cretan countryside


Crete is dispersed with settlements that were once abandoned because of urbanization or for some other reason, such vendettas, natural disasters, etc. Even today the walls of houses testify that life once existed there. It is interesting to refer to some of them.

Vleroma Settlement

Vleroma is a small abandoned village, which was deserted due to moving to cities This was a Christians' village of the province Monofatsi, next to the (also) deserted Muslim village of Grantos. The village retains the small church of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner (Rigologos


Nea Vorizia

Just before reaching the village Vorizia and below Vrondissi Monastery, we come across a weird abandoned settlement with ten identical stone houses, without roofs. This settlement is linked to the history of Psiloritis massif.


Kalogerou at Selino

At Selino Province we meet the deserted (two centuries ago) settlement of Kalogerou. The settlement was decimated due to plague and soon totally forgotten. The area is wooded with perennial olive trees and is crossed by the stream that then comes into the gorge of Sassalos. The village, possibly built around a small monastery, still hosts the small chapel of St George that bears important, but damaged, frescoes.


Mikri Episkopi at Partira

The ruined village Mikri Episkopi (i.e. Small Diocese) is located near Partira and was the seat of the Diocese of Arcadia. As expected, the village hosted an imposing temple, which has now collapsed. Columns and walls testify the importance of the temple.


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