Religious monuments of Crete


The province of Kydonia, i.e. the wider area of current Chania city, hosted a large number of monasteries and hermitages. Especially the isolated and inhospitable Cape Akrotiri or Melecha was home to dozen monks and hermits who lived a strict monastic life in caves and small convents, following the footsteps of Saint John the Hermit. Unlike Akrotiri, the fertile plane around Chania hosted many monasterial dependencies owing very large areas of olive groves and vineyards.

Ayia Early Christian Basilica

The current small church of Panagia (Virgin Mary0 at Ayia is built on the side of the great basilica of the 5th century, which was the seat of the Diocese of Cydonia and Vamos. The temple was reconstructed in 10th-11th century, after a disaster probably suffered by the Arabs, and today the roof has collapsed. The aisles are separated by pillars and a semicircular arch was built for the middle aisle end.


Christ Church at Meskla

The church of Lord Christ the Savior is a single-aisled with two arches and exquisite frescoes dedicated to the Transformation of Christ. An inscription of 1303 indicates that the painters were Theodoros Daniel and Michael Veneris. The narthex frescoes date back from the 15th century.


Church of Saints Panteleimon and Demetrius in Garipas

The church of Saints Panteleimon and Demetrius is located in the village Garipas, near Perivolia, province Kydonia. It is a two-story temple dating back to the Venetian period and has been restored. The northern aisle is dedicated to Saint Panteleimon (Agios Panteleimonas) and the south to Saint Demetrius (Agios Dimitrios).


Church of Saint John the Baptist in Sembronas

The church of Saint John the Baptist in Sembronas is located in the neighborhood Bomboliana. It is a small arched, one-storey church dedicated to Saint John's Head Cut (celebrates on August 29).


Church of Saint George Koumbelis

The church of Saint George (Agios Georgios) Koubelis is located in the position Sodi east of Chania city and on the western base of Akrotiri peninsula, very close to the wastewater treatment plant. It was the temple of a small seaside monastery, from which no other buildings survive.


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