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Roping off temples
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The wrapping of the churches with rope or wax, which in Crete is called "zosimo", is a forgotten custom that has its deep roots in antiquity. According to the custom, the temple is tied around with bee wax or cotton thread three times for 40 days to keep the evil spirits causing death, illness, drought, etc away. After the end of the time, the wax or thread is cut into pieces and candles are made for the temple.

This wrapping symbolizes a hug with the open hands, like a shield, to keep evil away. The donor of the wax or thread offers it to the church, so as to protect him, his family and his animals.

In the past, enclosing with ropes could be done in a temple, a human or in an animal, but also houses or entire villages, such as the village Paranymfi at province Monofatsi, to protect them from evil.

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