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Drapanos Lighthouse
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The lighthouse at Cape Drapano is located about 26km east of Chania and 2km north of Kokkino Horio. The area hosts some of the most amazing caves in Crete, with the submarine Cave of the Elephants being a very favored destination for scuba diving.

The lighthouse was built in 1864 by the French Company of Lighthouses and still stands in good condition at an altitude of 50m, at the edge of a vertical cliff. The lighthouse tower is octagonal in shape and has a height of 7m, while beside there is the stone built guard’s house.

Like the other lighthouses in Crete, Drapano lighthouse joined the Greek lighthouse network in 1912, was later destroyed by the Germans and was rebuilt in 1948. The lighthouse can be accessed through passable road starting from Kokkino Horio.

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