Flora of Crete


Paeonia Clusii
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One of the most beautiful flowers that we meet in Crete is the Paeonia Clusii. This is one of the 33 species of peonies on the planet and is endemic to Crete and Karpathos isle. It belongs to the family Ranidae and is also known as the Cretan Peony. It is found only at high altitudes, especially in the mountains of Dikti and the White Mountains. The impressive flower of peony has white or pinkish purple color and only a few people have seen it.

The reason is that it is found in small populations in inaccessible places, but also because the flowering period is very short. Depending on the altitude and area they bloom in April or May. The impressive flowers are quite large and have a strong unpleasant odor. It is a perennial plant. The ancient Greeks used it as a remedy for many ailments. Indeed, it's name is taken after Peonas, who was the doctor-healer of the Olympian Gods.

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