Aristolochia cretica


Aristolochia cretica
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One of the most impressive spring plants of Crete is Aristolocheia (Aristolochia cretica). It is a perennial plant that creeps on the ground and has flowers that are truly impressive and have a shape resembling a saxophone or boot. This plant is typically found on dry rocky soils of Crete and Carpathos. In Crete it is found all over the island, but especially in Lassithi prefecture (east Crete).

Its name is purely Greek and consists of the words aristos (excellent) and locheia (bear) because it was used for helping pregnant women at the time of childbirth. Aristolochia is a very important plant and can help in numerous diseases and conditions. But we must not exaggerate because it is poisonous and its consumption can even cause death.

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