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Striped dolphin
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The striped dolphin (scient. Stenella coeruleoalba) is the most common species of dolphin in Greek waters. It is usully found far from the coasts, in the open Aegean and Ionian Sea, south of Crete or close to the coasts if the water is very deep. It lives in flocks of 50-100 individuals, and often coexists with other dolphins, such as the Common dolphin and Risso’s dolphin.

Their length can reach up to 2.5m and they weigh 80-120kg. It has slender body and long snout. The color of the back is gray-blue, the belly is white, and is characterized by narrow strips running along its body (hence the name). A white strip starts near the eye and finishes beneath the dorsal fin.

It is a very cute animal that swims very quickly, reaching speeds of 45 to 50km/h. It often plays with the boats and jumps high in the air. It can stay under water for 5 to 10 minutes and reaches depths of at least 200 meters to feed on cephalopods and fish.

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