Cretan Fauna


Cretan spiny mouse
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The Cretan spiny mouse (scient. Acomys minous) is a threatened species of mouse, endemic to Crete and Africa. It is named spiny, after the coarse, stiff hairs on its back and tail.

It's face is characterized by a notably grayer coloration and more pointed face than other species of spiny mice. Its fur color varies from yellow to red, gray or brown on its face and back, with white fur on its underside. The spiny mouse is a nocturnal forager, feeding mainly on grass blades, seeds, snails and insects.

The mice build a very rudimentary nest, where they bear their babies. The gestation is between 5 and 6 weeks, which is unusually long for a mouse. It is amazing that at birth, other females clean and assist the mother. The young are well developed with open eyes when they are born.

The spiny mice are endangered and it is very difficult to find samples of them. They have not been studied extensively, a fact that limits our understanding of their nature and evolution.

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