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European Tree frog
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The European Tree Frog (scient. Hyla arborea) is the only species of tree frogs in Europe, which is also found in the humid areas of Crete. Indeed, the tree frog populations in Crete belong to two distinct endemic subspecies (Hyla arborea veluchiensis and Hyla arborea cretensis).

The tree frog is a small beautiful frog with bright green colors that prefers living near swamps, lakes, rivers, meadows and gardens. It is resistant to drought and it is possible to meet tree frogs in a drier places. It spends most of its life climbing on the trees, but always returns to water for breeding. When scared, it remains completely motionless and confuses its enemies with its green colors, which makes it look like grass or leaf. It has a typical voice like crack ... crack ... which is particularly strong during mating.

The tree frogs feed mainly on insects at night, although it has been observed hunting at day. When its eggs hatch, the tadpoles stay in water for about 3 months. After that period, they lose their tail and transform to beautiful little tree frogs.

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