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Cretan Frog
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The Cretan Frog (scient. Pelophylax cretensis or Rana cretensis) is one of the three endemic species of amphibians of Greece, which is found only on the island of Crete. Unfortunately, in recent years its population has declined dramatically due to several factors.

The Cretan frog lives normally on permanent or seasonal swamps, lakes, rivers and generally wherever it can find fresh water (drainage channels, reservoirs, streams, dams, etc.), always at a low altitudes. One reason for the decrease of its population is the reduction of habitats and the destruction of water resources by humans.

However, one of the most serious threats is the introduction of the American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana). Some years ago, someone freed bullfrogs in Agia Lake, resulting in the extinction of the local endemic frog. The possible spread of bullfrogs to other wetlands of the island and the nightmarish fate of the Cretan frog has made the extermination of bullfrogs unavoidable.

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